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1 Iron Golf Club Review – Same Length Golf Irons


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Summary : Great

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  1. Your brain and body will also get used to normal clubs.. it’s called

  2. I tried a set and returned them they were terrible, and had to go through a
    bunch of crap to get my money back.. Thank God I paid with PayPal.
    I didn’t like these clubs at all.

  3. I have these irons. They’re the real deal. I’m much more consistent with no
    noticeable loss in distance. I’m sure my average distance is better because
    I misshit less often.

  4. I already heard of 1irongolf. The concept didnt make sense, and the
    clubheads didnt look great. I ended up getting nike victory red blades.

  5. youtubeisstartingtosuck

    Hi, I’ve just taken up golf and I’m finding your video’s very informative,
    I have one question though; at the moment I keep my wrists rigid when
    driving, is this correct? Sorry if this is a stoopid question :)

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