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2014 Mazda 3 vs VW Golf Comparison Review

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  1. New VW Golf 7 has been awarded the 2015 North American Car of the Year
    end of discussion !!!

  2. Vw 15 years back most reliable and now they only just keeping up with fiat
    the old diesels mk4 were solid

  3. golf looks like its from the 80′s

  4. The Golf is so boring

  5. My family has a golf. I have a honda, a toyota and a saab. The golf does
    drive better than the honda or toyota and is a lot quieter. I guess mazda
    will be similar level to a honda or toyota.
    I like japanese cars for their super reliability, but in terms of driving
    quality they are still mediocre. 

  6. Mazda?? Ha ha ha, Japan shit!

  7. PieSlicedHamYT

    Looking at the Golf makes me want to fall asleep, really. Boxy, boring both
    in interior and exterior…

  8. .The VW engine will be dead loooong before the Mazda.

  9. Very biased review…..

  10. Golf shit.

  11. The Golf is unbelievably boring!

  12. Having owned a Jetta for 5 years now I must say VW has really lost its
    touch. The thing is now falling apart on me and all of these vehicles are
    so behind the times. Think I am going to buy the Mazda 3, for the money
    there really is no comparison. 

  13. That Dodge Guy

    Sad thing, the Mazda 3 will last longer than the VW Golf. 

  14. this guy is a biased scum bag. i would sacrifice a bit more road noise for
    a sexy, more powerful car like the mazda than the ugly piece of shit the vw
    golf is. 

  15. after a year or two of wear and tear, the golf will look like it was made
    in the early 00′s. Expensive to repair too

  16. Ive just driven both & have the Cruze2.0TD CDX (leather) and am torn. The
    VW Golf has some nice things but the base model is just that (about the
    only nice thing was start/stop & switch handbrake. The Mazda3 base neo was
    easy to pass over for the extras in the MAXX and the safety pack was $1500
    but the local dealer had it in auto drive away for 26,550 QLD which i
    thought was excellent value for a 2014 model. The VW has a basic interior,
    liked the dash layout but got used to the MAXX quick enough. As for fun to
    drive, the VW didnt suck, but wasnt as frugal as the sticker suggested,
    being not much less than the MAXX 2.0 at around 7-8L/100 but im sure i
    could get a lot lower on cruise/hwy! The 3 has stop/start and cheap safery
    pack but 2014 models are getting this with auto for a low drive away price.
    If my CDX wasnt under 3+ years warranty i would have jumped at it
    immediately! If i was in the city then POLO or GOLF might be cheaper to
    run BUT not service. parts for the 3 from 3rd party & wreckers will make
    this the easier to keep going IMO. After going 2TD in the CDX (with
    leather) im not impressed with the HIGH fixed service price and so/so fuel
    eco 6.5L/100km cruize@100km HWY and 8-9′s in the city (even Bundaberg). I
    dont think the VW is a bad car but add PAINT/AUTO/SAFETY on even the base
    model and it will quickly surpass the 3… After researching carsales i
    think ill try the 2.5L ’3′ as ROCKHAMPTON have some runout 2014 for $26K
    drive away in auto and with safety packs!

  17. McCritter von Bystritz

    Golf is a piece of shit. 

  18. I love my golf 

  19. All vw designs are so ugly, they all have this box atmosphere about them, I
    would definitely go for the mazda

  20. Nabeel Hussain

    how biased can you be bro. You didnt even mention miles per gallon, which
    the mazda dominates in.

  21. Biased review. 

  22. paid review..hmm?

  23. The vw is soooo boring.

  24. Hyperborea2012

    The golf is a piece of shit. I had one. Constant mechanical problems. The
    host is a moron. 

  25. vw cars in general look so dated imo, why cant they bring the Scirocco to
    the us, now thats a sexy car.

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