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Arm Rotation Golf Drill

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Golf Straight Arm - Medium

61W34S6D95L. SL160  Arm Rotation Golf Drill
  • The Medium Straight Arm is used by right and left hand golfers, men, women and juniors that are 5'8" or less in height
  • Lets you feel, execute and understand the benefits of a straight left arm (right hand)
  • Stops the 'Chicken Wing" position from occurring, which will eliminate your big slice or hook
  • Will promote an inside out swing path, improve accuracy, longer distance, wrist hinge and width of your arc
  • Easy to use, with or without hitting balls, durable, light weight and be easily stored in your golf bag, includes an CD Instruction Book and a DVD with swing drills
A 1/2 Swing, 1/2 Speed Trainer. The golf teaching aid the Straight Arm was designed to allow you feel and understand the correct straight-arm position for power and accuracy with your first swing. Can be used by right and left hand golfers. The Straight Arm is a sleeve that will slip and fit snug to your left arm as you swing. When your left arm (right hand) is straight at the most important areas, the right hip, at impact and on your follow-through to your left hip, power and accuracy occur. Th

buynow big Arm Rotation Golf Drill
Price: $ 39.95


  1. Brilliant videos..you make it really easy to understand..thank you.

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