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Beginner Golf Lesson: Grip, Setup & Swing by Herman Williams, PGA Pro

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  1. wheres part 2?

  2. Re Golfklubb Treningsgrupper

    Basics pre swing
    Golf Lesson for a Beginner: Grip, Setup & Swing by Herman Williams, PGA Pro
    Raleigh NC

  3. William Torgerson

    My wife and daughters, none who have ever played golf, just watched the
    video. Off to try their first swings. We’ve been Hermanized.

  4. Excellent advice for the aspiring golfer. Every new golfer should see this
    (along with some instruction), there’d be a lot less hacking…..

  5. Brilliant video ive just taken up golf so im loking for some tips on the
    proper stance, grip etc, i am curious however, where do you teach as if
    your near me then i would love to pop down for a lesson? Thanks buddy

  6. :S you look like eminem.

  7. Thanks! That was easy to understand. Just played for the first time today
    on a par 3 course. Now I have something to practice for the next time I go
    out and hit some.

  8. Thank you, this was very helpful. I am a very new beginner and I have been
    looking for videos just like this(this was the first I’ve found). I look
    forward to exploring your other videos. Thank you so much for this!

  9. Herman Williams Golf

    Thanks for joining our frustration. :) Just kidding … hopefully you will
    enjoy it for a long time. Herman

  10. Herman Williams Golf

    @MrDoobie834 You are right on. Stocky with thick hands and short fingers
    will do better with the handle deeper down in the joints of the fingers of
    the left hand. A little stronger grip than what I advocate in the video is
    probably fine. We are always trying to fit the grip to the player then
    adopt a wrist position at the top and a release that all coordinate with
    that grip.

  11. Herman Williams Golf

    @tlarderful Thanks for watching and commenting. I teach at The Golf Academy
    in Raleigh, NC. You can get more info by following the website links in the
    description under this video. Herman

  12. Herman Williams Golf

    Glad I could help. Herman

  13. Herman Williams Golf

    Excellent … good luck. – Herman

  14. I am also new at this sport and enrolled in a class. Participants are much
    more experieinced than me. We were taught the complete follow through
    swing. Thanks for breaking the swing down so I can now learn to do it

  15. Herman can you speak to the importance of keeping the grips “connected”
    throughout the golf swing? I noticed that when I focus on this I have
    greater pressure into the ball, increased distance and accuracy. Is this
    true or is it just a side benefit of my focus into the ball? Thanks again!

  16. Herman: i have just taken up the game at 50+ … i find your instruction
    extremely helpful. i have taken you at your word re: 4 swings and out.
    Conditioning seems to be critical … How do i build flexibility?

  17. Herman Williams Golf

    @TNAfan5150 Not everybody likes it … but you won’t forget it. Thanks for
    watching and commenting.

  18. 1:05 Mr Mackey… mmmk

  19. Herman Williams Golf

    Great … hope they stick with it. You’ll have your own foursome.

  20. Thanks Herman! Most of the instruction I’ve seen gives you to much at one
    time. This lesson broke it down and made it easy to concentrate. All my
    balls are in the air and straight now. I wont forget you.

  21. Love it , thanks

  22. Your videos are very helpful. Please tell me why you are not a fan of the
    interlocking grip. I have used that grip my whole life because it’s what I
    was taught. I would change if there was a good reason. Thanks.

  23. hi herman! I need your help. I’m a beginner and do not have a golf
    instructor and dont get lessons. i practice in a field behind my house. I
    have noticed in the last few weeks that i am getting a lot of loft on the
    golf ball with little power or distance. I’m experiencing this problem with
    my irons and my driver. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!!

  24. total beginner. i went out with a pile of 1997 Armours and used your swing
    basics. No whiffs and no worm burners. Every non scoring shot had distance
    and trajectory. I bombed by 7 Iron 150+ three times. Most shots were
    straight or a little left. Just enough success to make me want to play and
    learn more. Thanks!!!

  25. Herman Williams Golf

    @AzusaMan thanx AzusaMan

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