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(Best Driver Video) Drive the Ball without Slicing

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  1. Brilliant vid and advice have been using this simple but highly effective
    method for a couple of weeks now and all I can say is
    THANKYOU…………all you tutorials are great !!!!!!

  2. So THAT’s why I keep slicing my driver… I haven’t been wearing a shirt
    with a button.

  3. I am always sceptical when I see new methods on here. However I have been
    struggling with my Driving. I tried it this morning at practice and I have
    to say it is amazing, the results you get are superb. Many thanks

  4. Mr. Bernard, Thanks for this tip it really has helped me… Next why do I
    keep chunky my irons?

  5. Penelope Burgamy

    Thank you. Seems very simple even for me. Will try and comment back. Thanks

  6. Rob, great video, I tried this and it works, I stopped slicing my drives
    and now they launch at 35-40 degrees..230-250 yds..perfect! Thanks for
    posting this video!

  7. Hey rob goin to try out this tip tomorrow . I am brutal for chunking the
    ball or hitting ground first . Looking infront of the ball is that goin to
    make it worse? Thanks rob 

  8. Kevin Goldsberry

    This video is great!! Your point on moving the club up to the ball after
    addressing the ball was exactly what i was doing throwing my shoulders
    off!! Thanks for the video!

  9. You should just make hundreds of videos of golf lessons, this was a great
    video, can’t wait to try it out on the range

  10. Thanks Rob. The first few shots (first of the day) went astray, but after a
    couple of holes, my shots were straighter and travelled farther. I’m
    practising several times per week and will master it … or else!

  11. Unbelievable can’t believe something so simple works just got in from my
    first round using this tip it actually works I can’t believe it.i still had
    a slight fade in some tee shots but I am putting that down to it been my
    first try at this. Any body know where I can find more of his free tip
    videos I can only find 3 on YouTube

  12. Just love this advice. So helpful.

  13. I’m just starting my 3rd year of golfing at the age of 56. The past two
    years have been very frustrating because of my pathetic drives. I saw this
    video two weeks ago. Since then, everything has changed. I’ve gone to the
    range 4 times and golfed twice. I am now consistently driving between 200
    - 250 and straight. I am FINALLY enjoying going out to play. Thanks so
    much for this video!!!!

  14. Thank you so much! Done this tonight on the range and wow. Never used a
    decoy tee as I would become dependent on it on the course. Many thanks! 

  15. Brilliant tip! Been having trouble slicing all the time… leaning forward,
    tilting shoulders, moving head… heaps of other useless tips but this
    actually works!

    Once i got my head around looking behind the ball at the grass point i
    virtually cured my slice in one game!

    Thanks mate, you are a legend sir!! :)

  16. I have played golf for over 30 years. I have been down in the low 70′s but
    I have struggled with ball position with the driver through a round. This
    setup and the 5 to 7 drill on chipping are 2 of the best and easiest tips I
    have ever seen to remember and execute.

  17. Seems like a great idea, will try this tomorrow.

  18. Amazing advice!! I played today, and tried your strat; awesome results! I
    always slice! After using your technique on every drive, I only had 2 out
    of like 13 drives go errant. Thank you so much!

  19. Ok, so I saw this video this afternoon skeptical as heck. Went to the
    range, tried it. And it worked! It really worked. Used a medium bucket
    and maybe sliced 3 times – that’s it. Great job.

  20. Went from zero to hero with your driving technique today. I even canceled
    my driving lessons which saved me money. So simple yet so effective. My
    golf ball goes further and slicing is a thing in the past now. I can’t
    thank you enough. 

  21. hes definitely Canadian .. 

  22. will it work for lefty as well? is it any different from righty?

  23. Wow. I watched this video around noon today. Went right to the range, and
    hit a small bucket. Didn’t even warm up with the wedge. Went right to
    driver. I crushed every one like a frozen rope save two balls. I was even
    putting a draw on the ball, and my natural shot is a fade! Amazing.

  24. Eric McGlashing

    I can’t thank you enough. I am a 10 handicaper and have always struggled
    with my driver. I was forced to use a hybrid to avoid duck hooking my
    driver. Even though you say this will fix a slice it will also do wonders
    for a duck hook. This has taken me to another level and my last two rounds
    have been in the 70′s. thank you. I’d buy you a beer if I could.

  25. Amazing tips. My slice would always add a lot of shots too my round. With
    this advice i have improved my drive drastically

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