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Best drivers of 2013

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  1. This is fucking comical, all driver run downs from manufacture reps, the TM
    guy saying how the R1 is the coolest looking driver out there nearly made
    me crap my pants. The golf equipment industry with its cycles is like
    something out of the twilight zone. 

  2. You just have to try them out, but learn your swing first.

  3. Golf Equipment Videos

    2014 will be a better year overall for drivers IMO.

  4. Just pick a solid and affordable used 460cc titanium head with your
    preferred loft and dump your money into getting a custom fit shaft, with
    flex, kick point, weight, and length perfectly fit for you. Doing that will
    save you money and create the longest driver possible for you. Personally I
    prefer the old Cleveland Launcher titanium heads, such a well made club.

  5. Another comments section where EVERYONE in the room hits their driver
    290-300 yds on average.

    Its a wonder how everyone on YouTube isn’t a PGA tour professional. Every
    goddamn amateur golfer you talk to hits the ball 300 yards. Yet, when you
    golf with one of these ass-clowns, they put one in the fairway 225 yards
    out and act like John Daly!

    Let me help you guys out with this. Take the number of yards you “claim” to
    average of the tee and subtract 60 yards! That’s your average driving

  6. I am currently using the 910D2 with the adilla rip a 60 s shaft and I am
    getting 270 average distant.I been through some stats checking of the 913D3
    and with the adilla rip a70 s shaft with the 7.5 club angle I might get the
    290 average distant so for my recommendation for those who like to swing it
    full power go with Titleist with a nice s shaft 

  7. Surely the back weights have an effect on the length and flight.

  8. This is just a list of everything that came out last year. And why do I
    want to hear what a Manufacture rep has to say… I can read the website
    for that.

  9. Not bad…but you are missing the Grenade golf driver by BombTech Golf.

  10. Cesar Ghinaglia

    All drivers can be good or are good, but most of all is mportant
    shaft. Many shaft are designed for players with high swing speed and also
    have a low torque. I have seen drivers that are sold in stores with this
    type of shaft. Also, some shaft have a high bend point, which makes them
    feel much stiffer than we should want.

  11. Why don’t you include the best driver out there….KRANK?! “Krank Golf® is
    unquestionably the authority in distance hitting with 13 RE/MAX World Long
    Drive Championships, including the 2010 (1st and 2nd), 2011(1st, 2nd, 3rd,
    4th, 5th and 6th), 2012 (1st, 2nd and 3rd) and 2013 (1st, 3rd and 4th) Open
    Division Championships. Also, Krank Golf® Drivers have completely dominated
    the Sport of Long Drive Worldwide for over 4 years winning more
    Professional Long Drive events than any golf company in history. This
    includes Taylormade, Callaway, Titliest, Ping, Cobra and every other golf
    company on the planet.” In my experience, the Krank is 20-25 yards longer
    than all the off-the-shelf drivers I have hit. I would pit the Krank Rage
    or Formula 5 against ANY of these drivers and would bet that the Krank
    would win hands down. And my bet is backed up by the world championships ;)
    .So, AGAIN…why do you ignore the BEST driver on the market? Probably
    because it is not a MAJOR Tour sponsor would be my guess!

  12. These types work for the tour pros and might be a tad more forgiving for
    mishits for the high handicapper but I agree with other comments that
    getting the swing then buying the toys makes way more sense. I’ve tried all
    the adjustable drivers that are out there and still I use a 8yo Titleist
    head and get the same distance; the shaft is the key to it all. I play off
    +1 hit it 260 on average it’s all about keeping it in play and focusing on
    100 yards and in and ignore the marketing BS.

  13. You can look really cool on the tee with your new super sized rocknroller
    straight roller laser guided missile launching driver, But!!! if your swing
    is rubbish about 10 seconds later you are gonna look like a dill. Moral is,
    you can’t buy a golf swing!!!

  14. 1:09 thats not fucking orange

  15. I drove my Titleist ball 412 yards with my sand wedge. Got my sand wedge
    and ball, put them in my car and drove 412 yards. You don’t need a 1 club.

  16. 360p? What is this, 56k? 460 cc sucks. 440 cc is best…

  17. If I have to see one more “Most Interesting Man in the World” commercial I
    am going to shoot someone.

  18. Golf Equipment Videos

    2014 will be a better year overall for drivers IMO.

  19. I think you’ve misunderstood my saying. I did NOT say your 2nd shot has to
    be within 100 yards from the hole. What I am trying to say is: From 100
    yards in, the ball should land no more than 10 feet radius to the hole. No
    one is born with that kind of skill, practice makes perfect. For I have
    practiced more than a thousand times(literally) with my sandwedge fro that
    100 yard shot.

  20. tech equipment and then holding the club with a wrong grip , wrong posture
    etc. They will never reach their potential with these errors so i think
    they should invest in lessons before the high tech equipment

  21. well most of people have to hit their drivers a very long way to get to 100
    yards, just sayin ;)

  22. its really about the shaft….

  23. $350 bucks when new $60 on E-Bay 9 months later…

  24. Fuckn Euro trash cum guzzler…

  25. If you have a good golf swing you can hit any thing .

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