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Callaway Big Bertha Driver 2014


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Discraft Predator Elite Z Fly Dye Golf Disc

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  • Extra long range golf driver
  • Recommended for advanced to expert players
  • Best for wind or turning corners
  • Discraft stability rating for this disc is 2.5
  • Excellent into the wind
The PredatorTM is a predictable, overstable driver. It holds a line in the wind, or turns a hyzer corner at medium speed. Predictable and consistent. Check a top pro's bag, and chances are good you'll find a Pred!

buynow big Callaway Big Bertha Driver 2014

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buynow big Callaway Big Bertha Driver 2014

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Review Overview


Summary : Great

User Rating: 3.75 ( 1 votes)


  1. Most forgiving for an 18 handicap ? Cobra Amp Cell, D2. Covert 2, or BB ?
    87 mile an hour club speed 220 yards or more, Fairly accurate, 70 % of the
    time in the fairway, Trying to get a little more distance and a tad more
    accurate… Thx…

  2. Well done on being the 1st reviews of the BB drivers,so which do u prefer &

  3. starcraftmaster42

    Amazing Driver just bought mine!!!

  4. Good review Matt, hitting the driver like me in this one matey haha

  5. Nur Najiba Mohd Noh

    after watching this, i have no idea which to upgrade to… Ping
    G25/Xhot/Xhot2 ……. im currently using g15

  6. Matthew, you mentioned after your first shot that the driver was launching
    lower than you might prefer, was it much lower than other drivers you have
    tried at 9 degrees of loft? Also, it seems that you prefer to hit a draw,
    did you try to set the driver in a fade setting via the moveable weight, if
    so what was the result. Thanks for the video!!

  7. Have you had a chance to hit the i25 with racing stripes? Looks awesome and
    I cant wait to hit it!

  8. Winston Robinson

    I am in the market for a new driver as I am currently using the Calloway
    Xhot….what is the major difference between the big bertha driver and the
    big bertha alpha driver except for the price. Get so confused at times….

  9. Matthew, Happy New Year! Thanks for being the first to review this driver
    online, I’ve been dying to hear how it sounds/performs. Look forward to
    your review of the BB Alpha as well! 

  10. can you do a reveiw on the nike VR Pro wedges

  11. Mathew have you a review on what’s in your bag?? 

  12. Hi thanks for the review, good stuff. I found the big bertha is a lot more
    forgiving than the alpha, both great clubs but the alpha at set up looks
    hard work to me, she’s mean. I bought the big bertha with a tour shaft,
    best club in the bag by a mile. Great swing by the way best regards.

  13. your trash

  14. How’s this compare to the Yonex XP?

  15. I ordered this one from my local golf store and I wanted to see a review
    before I go out on the greens but all for all its a beautiful club

  16. Hunter Schinabeck

    Would you recommend this or the sldr? 

  17. Nice review!Can you please do a review of the xhot2 driver?

  18. Good video! But your total distance comment doesn’t mean anything. 281 – is
    that good for you? Short for you? Average? So what does this mean for the
    club? Isn’t it all in the shaft anyway? Keep the videos coming they’re
    good! Best wishes

  19. Well done on being the 1st reviews of the BB drivers,so which do u prefer &

  20. lol…your “toe” hit is better than 80% of the guys I play with on their
    best shot.

  21. Everybody ,whose like to plays golf,no need to pay high price for new
    drivers,irons,because you not a pro in golf.you need a sleeps.

  22. Everybody ,whose like to plays golf,no need to pay high price for new
    drivers,irons,because you not a pro in golf.you need a sleeps.

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