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Chevrolet SS Review (4 Door Muscle Cars Pt. 2) — Everyday Driver

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  1. These reviewers are weird! They are TOP GEAR wannabes, they try to sound
    profound, and act like what they said come from deep thoughts. The problem
    I have with these guys are there are too much acting here like they are
    reading off a script. The bold guy is really obnoxious.

  2. 2015′s will have the MRC suspension.

  3. Is the SS is the US version of BMW’s E39 M5?

  4. @EverydayDriver Are you excited for the 2015 SS? It’ll be available with a
    6 speed manual AND magnetic ride control I think that will be an
    unstoppable sedan!

  5. Dane Washington

    Chevrolet SS Review (4 Door Muscle Cars Pt. 2) — Everyday Driver:

  6. 2015 has the manual tranny and the mrc!

  7. How that i know the ss is made in australia all i keep thinking is

  8. Here in Australia, regardless of the V8 in the “SS” its still a Grand-Pa
    car. The only reason you would call the SS a sleeper, is because your
    Grand-Pa fell asleep in one of the most boring cars ever designed and made
    in Australia. Thankfully GM are leaving Australia as far as manufacturing
    goes hence we won’t have to put up with rubbish Commodores any more. So
    when GM pulls manufacturing in Australia in 2017, where is America going to
    get it’s family 4 door American muscle car from ?

  9. SS makes more sense to me. With it being $9k-$12k cheaper the horsepower
    you could add with that money would be entertaining when you crush other
    v8s with a car seat in there. 

  10. I am loving this SS sedan the more I see it. At first, I am like why would
    I buy a new SS at $45,000 when I can get a nice used G8 GXP for less than
    half the price? What’s the difference?

    The SS comes to the market with a splash. Finally, Chevrolet releases an
    old school 7th Gen Impala SS inspired sport sedan. It comes with nice
    upgrades across the whole spectrum of car design over the G8 GXP, and it
    seems to be designed to be relevant for some time to come. I like that
    there’s no gimmick attached to it. It just simply is a rear wheel drive, V8
    sport sedan. There was a little outcry at the beginning, coming standard in
    automatic but a 6-speed manual is coming for 2015.

    IMO, this is a collector car. Its one of the few times in the past TWO
    DECADES that Chevrolet really went out on a limb to deliver something
    truly worthy of the SS badging. It truly legitimizes what SS means. In the
    past, their SS cars just never really hit on all cylinders and perhaps the
    most disappointing model for the last two generations was the Impala SS –
    first with a supercharged V6, and then a LS4 V8 (which was nice, but not on
    a FWD platform). This is the first SS car I’ve seen in a while that is
    just fleshed out and done right. Perhaps they could add some different
    aesthetic packages to make it more aggressive, but I’m totally happy with
    the way it looks now.

    And to think… there is probably some crack team of engineers at GM right
    now designing an LS9 version. LOL, I think this is the start of something

  11. Two things to add to the SS to make it worth its price;
    manual transmission
    magnetic ride control

    at that point, its almost punching bmws dollar for dollar. that’s be a car
    for the ages for sure

  12. I always thought it was pretty weird the Americans got the performance spec
    V8 in the family spec body. Seems like most of the US reviewers complain
    along these lines too.

  13. and buy a Chevrolet ss and take it to walkinshaw performance

  14. It looks like a bigger Insignia, which is no bad thing.

  15. nothing screams more muscle car like pressing a fucking button to start the
    engine -_- fucking ridiculous 

  16. So for 2015, they’ve added magnetic ride control. Does that make it the
    slam dunk class leader? I think the problem with this car is what so many
    have already stated. The type of person who wants to buy and drive this
    car, wants more radical styling. Great car no doubt, but the sales numbers
    won’t reflect that.

  17. Samwise Drogod

    both cars are missing a third pedal 

  18. Charger SRT8 hands down winner!

  19. frigin love it. ha. its a small 4 door. 200-300lbs lighter than my 2009 2
    door challenger and faster! ha. but we all know we rather be in a fat ass
    challenger! or charger srt only!
    love it though. bad ass i seen it run…shit mileage if that matters which
    is strange??? should be great!! what the??? some one try to explain..

  20. For those who don’t like the look, go and look at Holden Special Vehicles
    (HSV) and see what you can get. Unfortunately, you’ve got what the GM execs
    thought you wanted……..

  21. Ok so lets say i make 1,600 a month, would i be able to buy this Car with a
    5,000-8,000 down payment and no Credit History?

  22. all i see when i look at the ss is that its too european. nothing about it
    screams america other then the engine. so a euro car with an engine swap.
    with that being said that interior is so nice.

  23. alyosha pearce

    Americans seem to Like cars that look like they were designed with a ruler
    very straight lines Jeep Chrysler for example. I think there is a cultural
    difference. We Usually like what is presented to you over many years. By
    the way, lsat time I checked I was free and I don’t drink fosters no one
    does only tourists.

  24. Car looks as it should and certainly doesn’t NEED any huge gaping holes in
    front bumper or grossly protruding side fenders. People who hadn’t played
    enough “dress-up” games with dolls during their childhood can stick to
    Asian/Euro brands which have plenty of aftermarket cosmetics which can
    transform their cars in whatever “attention whoring” device they want to.

    I just wish Chevy would make a similar sedan with same engine but smaller
    physical size…

  25. Saw one earlier and damn it just looks like a Malibu. They’re right the
    styling should be improved and more aggressive like the Charger.

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