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Cobra Golf Bio Cell+ Irons


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  1. Is it just me or do Mark’s videos buffer a lot. Every other video I watch
    (at 1080p) loads completely fine.

  2. Christopher Rennehan

    Man, there are a lot of people forgetting about Cobra’s history. They’re
    far from being new kid on the block.

  3. Eoin O' Callaghan

    Nice video. Abdolutely right, Mark. You shouldn’t let the look of the club
    influence you too much. Aesthetic can give you confidence alright but if
    you can’t see the back of the club when you address the ball….nice
    slow-mo swing btw!:)

  4. garret washburn

    2:48 you got it heavy!!!

  5. Hey mark can you do a video on graphite/steel shaft differences? 

  6. Hcould I meet you mark love you xxx

  7. Mark any chance of a review of the hugely underrated Wilson Staff FG Tour
    M3 irons?

  8. Ive just bought i set. I haven’t played with them yet but have hit them at
    the range. its been hard adjusting to a less of an offset but he’s right…
    once you get your head around them they are easy to draw and fade. Awesome
    feel and awesome looks too! 

  9. I don’t mean to alarm anyone but what is flying through the sky at 2:52?
    Its flying awfully fast for being in slow motion. Just wondering if anyone
    could give me a response thank you.

  10. Hi mark, love your videos. Um, could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a review
    on the taylormade tour preferred irons that just came out? Thanks!!!!!


    I’m about to get new irons and i think these are the ones I’m going to get
    I’ve hit them at the range and i fell in love

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