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Disc Golf Beginner Tip: Anhyzer Throw

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  1. Great video

  2. Hey big John beginner here in live in emporia ks home of the gbo but I have
    an idea for you I call it the anny flip its really helped me gain about 50
    ft on average per drive I throw a nuke on small anny and rip it its keeps
    the anny then flattens our and settles back to left I was hoping you could
    try and leery me know of it helps you remember overstable its a great way
    to force the s curve leery me know

  3. I just wanted to comment about something a friend was showing me the other
    day. If your not getting enough anhyzer on your shot, try moving your thumb
    and the rest of what your thumb connects to your palm up on the disc. They
    say keep your pointer finger and thumb at the same place above and below
    the disc, but moving your thumb up will cause more anhyzer as the disc
    comes out of your hand. It works for me!

  4. That’s just something to work on after a smooth anhyzer is an easy shot for
    you. Getting the same disc to do the same turn later in it’s flight can be
    tricky to learn but will give you a shot that will get down fairways that
    most people simply can’t.

  5. Thanks so much this was very helpful.

  6. @Tao Ventre both are great anhyzer discs, look for a video about this soon ;)

  7. Coming into the hit with a slight hyzer and ending your throw with your
    arm/hand/wrist in a subtle anhyzer or even flat position will create the
    anhyzer shots you see pros making, but it all happens in the last 10% of
    the throw and is very hard to see and time. The energy of this motion
    transfers into the flight. A straight disc will be able to release hyzer or
    straight, then flip to and hold anhyzer later in the flight. This allows
    you to penetrate doglegs that occur further down the fairway.

  8. I would have to agree on the Buzzz ss, I have been throwing one since mid
    summer and love it. I throw mine flat and fast with a snap and it
    automatically pulls and annie line, as do the nuke ss and avenger ss but
    they seem a bit harder to control for me.

  9. the only thing i would point out, is if you throw a backhand flat, and it
    ends to your left, that’s not really a “hyzer”. Hyzer is more of the
    release angle, so a hyzer, you would start your disc angled that way, and
    continue with your throw. Same for anhyzer. You would start and end with
    that disc angle. Depending on what kind of disc, also determines what side
    your disc will end.

  10. Good stuff! What top three midrange and drivers would you recommend for the
    anhyzer shot. Right now I use a star Mako and a champ RR.

  11. @gerbil84ak i want to eventually do that but without someone zooming for me
    its hard to watch the flight of the disc. im looking into it for sure though

  12. Would be nice to see you throw a few

  13. It would be pretty kewl to see some footage of you doing some shots as you
    explain the type of throw or disc you are reviewing. Just a thought.

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