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Footjoy Icon Golf Shoes

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  1. nice vid.

  2. great video as usual I was a big fan of your old videos and didn’t realize
    despite the video saying it that u changed channel

  3. I have practiced only once so far in the icons and after a half hour or so
    they are all broken in. It wasn’t just a comfort issue, the sports just
    weren’t very appealing and just the way the spikes made me feel off the
    ground was just weird. I’m more than happy with my with icons so it would
    be stupid to buy a new pair of sports

  4. What’s the difference between a closeout and a regular shoes??

  5. techandgamesguy

    The footjoy sports require a 12 to 14 hour break in time u should give the,
    another try

  6. Valentin Figueiredo

    hey, you know if Wide is just a touch wider than medium or is very wider
    than m ?

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