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Free Women’s Golf Tips : Full Swing Golf Tips

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  1. Mark Crossfield

    This is very funny. Harder harder dance. Very funny

  2. Wildmanfx Esteecee

    This guy doesn’t know his ass from his elbow!!!!!!

  3. My chubby step-brother managed to make the best pole dancer there is in my
    town fall for him as he ran the Cupid Love System (Google it). I wish I
    found myself pleased for him but I wish an amazing individual would fall in
    love with me. I am exceptionally jealous. Does that make me a bad person?

  4. der was no tips der

  5. All male/female golf? Dont stop there, spread it to Rugby, would love to
    see the women in a men’s ruck.

  6. Geez.. how many times is he going to say the word “harder”? Someone get him
    a thesaurus, please!

  7. She has the wrong form! You are supposed to make an “L” when you come up on
    the back swing, not an “U”………

  8. martinigolftees

    @MissmSpieker i agree sometimes people are thinking way too many things and
    they can’t concentrate on the thing they are concentrating on.

  9. thelostlegend3000

    harder.. harder… HARDER!!! seedy old prick i think hes describing himself
    not instructing her coz that is a terrible swing head comes up way to fast
    arms are never straight and you actually watch 1 of her shots bounce about
    a metre in front of her a trully great couch not…

  10. @blkdrummergrl That is an awesome comment nice work bdg ps the dance
    comments was hilarious

  11. @MissmSpieker Sure its simple, but how does that make it natural? And what
    did he teach her. Telling someone to hit it harder is like telling a runner
    to run faster.

  12. I think he`s serious hhhmmmm hard to tell, nahh he`s a comedian. gotta be.

  13. He’s got a hard-on !!! lol

  14. she doesn’t even keep her left arm straight!!!

  15. no where does it say ur “suppose to” thats the golfers choice.

  16. great swing

  17. I give a sideeye to any golf instructor who says swing hard. For that
    reason I stopped watching this with my daughter at 0:31.

  18. search for lisa ann horst on youtube, she will give u a simple proper
    instruction on how to get a feel before u start swinging on the golf ball
    drill. This guy is a joke, she may look like she is swinging it beautifully
    and effortless but her swing is exactly what not to do in golf. I think
    this guy is great for hosting a informercial, as we know nothing in
    informecial actually works, just very convincing. you will quit too if u
    swing like her, coz your golf ball wont go straight.

  19. thats an odd looking kitchen

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