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Gary Occhino Golf Lesson Full Swing: Solid Contact

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  1. Excellent…..is that what stack and tilt does?

    You took the club back….nice… Is there a video for the downswing?

    Very enjoyable Gary

  2. Hi Gary

    I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful advice, I have been playing
    golf for years for fun but not really had much consistency. I have read
    books, watched youtube vids and hit balls until it got dark, but only after
    watching your videos I have finally grasped the basics I needed to enjoy
    golf again. I have been hitting longer, straighter with more consistency,
    with an easier uncomplicated slower swing ever since I watched your video
    on the full swing.

    All your videos are clear, honest and are straight to the point, keep going
    Gary and well done.

    Thanks for the help and I wish you and your family a happy new year and a
    long and healthy life.


  3. Gary – just found your videos this week and find them great help. I am a
    single digit handicap but definitely struggle with consistency –
    particularly with the driver. My question to you is on ball position – are
    you a single ball position advocate?

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