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Glideball The Ultimate Portable Driving Range Golf Anywhere!

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  1. You’re absolutely right GunMan. I think it’s ideally meant to be left up in
    your yard like a basketball hoop. thanks for viewing!

  2. are you selling the product because i whant to buy how much does it cost? i
    like the product

  3. i notice he doesn’t try it himself. Practising flat footed with a driver is
    not a good idea!

  4. Jordan Morrison

    This is absurd. I saw on ad in the newspaper for this and had to find what
    others were saying about it. Seriously? Open your tool box and stand on one
    side…….doesn’t seem like a good idea.

  5. thats really not that bad but i think the setup i long

  6. Does it work for leftys?

  7. did you watch the whole video?

  8. No true follow through. No realistic ball flight/path and/or spin. And at
    some point I would imagine those guide wires slowing down to where the club
    would get tangled with the wires and ball after a swing. It’s a good tool
    for practicing making consistent contact for newbies. Also helps the lazy
    guys who don’t want to keep bending down to replace range balls. Also IF it
    lasts it would be cheaper than buying lots of range balls. Interesting tool
    but limited audience.

  9. Not a bad idea but look how restricted his follow through is.Is that a
    swing flaw or because his feet are planted in a plastic box ?

  10. @PushyLittleKid Its a South African.

  11. smellofpissoffu

    another gimmic…pointless if you cant see the flight path of the ball from
    impact to landing roll

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