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Glove and Boots Product Testing: Rotato Express

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  1. Do mip! Mip is a robot toy u can control with your apple device! Plz!

  2. There needs to be hundreds of these. Do the Bacon Wave.

  3. True story.


    ERROR/GOOF: Mario said we without his mouth moving at 1:44

  5. Damn it, now I want a rotato


  7. Should have peeled a lemon… The explosion jokes… Wasted…

  8. Nathan H - Currently on Hiatus

    +Glove and Boots | Can you please do the Bacon Bowl.

  9. ROFL : P
    Thanks +Adam Foster
    Glove and Boots Product Testing: Rotato Express

  10. how about beats headphones?

  11. Please try the Ezcracker!! What else can you do but crack eggs with it..

  12. Pls do a testing on hair brushis 

  13. You need to send this to amazon for their product information.

  14. You guys should test out the infamous Shake Weight

  15. Who is the one laughing in the background now and then?

  16. Sooo funny

  17. Test the rainbow loom

  18. Product test the Shake Weight. XD

  19. Try and peel a meatball

  20. i love the theme that starts at 0:24. did u guys make it, or is it from
    somewhere else? tell me the name please!

  21. You should test the crappiest computer to ever exist.

  22. dear mario and fafa who do you think is better red sox or yankees

  23. It really is an amazing machine!

  24. I love that you guys just peeled a potato over and over to get that pile of
    potato peelings. XD

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