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Golf Ball Tricks

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  1. well it seems like some are jealous so they put others down. fact is
    weather he plays golf or not i give him credit for bringing something new
    to the table! the one up 360 was worth watching by itself. now can you do 2
    or 3 golf balls like tht? maybe run a cascade or shower. cheers

  2. feel good, by: the gorillaz

  3. wats so funny?

  4. Ya you may be able to bounce a ball like that… dont get me wrong, that
    was sick as hell.. but hows your game?

  5. greenflavouredcrush

    it wasnt bad man try some tricks tho i seen the club flip and all that but
    i wasnt that impressed try some different stuff

  6. nice dude, those are some crazy moves

  7. That doesnt mean anything i can do all that stuff hes probably a garbage

  8. good stuff dude…im gonna go try those…im sweet at that stuff, but i
    just ran out of ideas, my favorite move is bouncing then kicking the bal 5
    or 6 times like a hacki sack then go right back into bouncing…you club
    flip was nuts…how is your game though…i bet i can take u on the

  9. are you trying to say 90′s is good…. if you would practice real golf like
    me you could shoot in the 70′s like me…. oh yea and i can do that
    juggling shit too

  10. TransparentCranium

    song is feel good inc by the gorillaz

  11. oh yea and i have a friend that’s better than me a juggling but he can’t
    break 100 to save his life…. im not saying this guy is bad im just saying
    you can be good at this but bad at golf but im not judging someone ive
    never seen play

  12. @slamminsamshuts check out my video then. It’s original and has lots of

  13. Very nice stuff. Nice club spin at the end. Check out my videos..

  14. post a video of u doin sum of the stuff he did then… !

  15. whats your handicap??

  16. great work 5/5

  17. whats this song called?

  18. i hope you know him and you are just joking around, because what you just
    said made all of us a little less intelligent. Im a golfer and i can do
    those tricks (not nearly as good, good job phil) and it does mean
    something. for one it means phil prolly has more coordination in his one
    hand then u do in your entire body. that is incredibly hard to do. and
    second, its rare to see people master this trick, and not be AT LEAST a
    good golfer…phil,im a 6 ‘cap….lets hit the links bro lol…

  19. yea im not a big golf person but i gotta say ur mad good keep that sh*t up

  20. The last trick is the only one that is impressive, u want to check real
    golf tricks, watch my video.

  21. imacheetabutfaster

    wow dude your good check out some of my stuff

  22. song name pls???

  23. slamminsamshuts

    shit, same thing over and over and over and over again. Best thing bout the
    video was the song and thats average.

  24. class stuff!!!very impressed

  25. ur the quere fagot thats impresive ass hole

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