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Golf Distance: How To Hit The Driver Longer

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  1. Robert Holleyman

    Hi Paul
    Today started to get the feel.
    Man so much easier to get distance.
    it’s feels so different.


  2. Really xlint…thanks!

  3. paul wilson is the best online instructor, just watch his videos and
    practice your ball sticking will improve

  4. I always wanted that “effortless ” looking swing, but didn’t know how to
    go about maintaining distance. Well, now I know, thanks to you Paul. I have
    a twisted and curved spine, and swinging hard made my back hurt like heck.
    I do have a hard time turning my hips quickly, so I’ll see how that plays
    out, but I will practice your technique for sure. Thanks again. BTW, I’m 65
    and just getting back to golf after a 10yr lay off. 

  5. Your approach for resolving every flaw in ammature golfer is so simple yet
    very professional. Thanks a lot. Is the height & depth of tee & distance
    between the tee & club face matter while taking tee shot using driver/ 3/5
    wood. Please elaborate in detail.

  6. Thanks Paul for sharing. I wish this instruction was available 20 years

  7. Ahmed Al Mashgari

    Brilliant video. What I like best is that the contents are pure golf rather
    than marketing bumf that tends to take most of the time in other videos.

  8. And now I know why the pros look like they aren’t swinging as fast as I can
    swing at my top speed yet they hit it way way way way further.

  9. Today was the first time in 6 months I was able to get back to golf. I
    watched this video last night and went to the range with a mindset to stay
    loose. At first I hooked everything. By the end of the outing I was hitting
    about half of the balls straight but the distance I was hitting those
    compared to normal was about 30 yards longer. I grew up a baseball player
    and switched to golf with a get up there and kill the ball golf swing. This
    video has opened my eyes and changed my swing. I will continue to develop
    this change. Thank you for posting this.

  10. You have become my personal golf instuctor…Thanks, finally found an
    instructor that has really improved my game!!!

  11. Sounds great. I tend to want to overswing but maybe with this easy swing
    and more hips this might work well. I love his explanations. 

  12. Great info….just started playing this year..once I stopped trying to kill
    the ball I gained 50 yds on driver

  13. Thanks soooo much Paul. Your instructional videos have revolutionised my
    drives. The looser I swing now, the further the ball goes. The ball has a
    different flight path now & I’M loving my game now…thanks very much
    again. YOU’RE A LEGEND MATE!!!!!!

  14. Fundraiser World

    Great Golf Video

  15. hi paul I really like your staff keep on . from argentina

  16. I’m going to work on what you mentioned and see how it goes. Thank you for
    the tips.

  17. SuperGillinghamfc

    youre quickly becoming my favorite you tube golf demonstrator

  18. So do you swing your fairway wood 3 the same exact way? Please do tell or
    is this exclusively a driver swing only?

  19. does this only relate to the driver or can you do this on irons aswel?

  20. Anthony Fejerang

    Mr. Wilson is a great teacher and a really nice person. I was playing @
    Bears Best in Las Vegas about 3 years ago and seen him on the back 9. I
    went up to him to say hello and shake his hand. When I approched him I
    accidently walked though one of his filmings for Rev. golf. He shoook my
    hand and asked how I was plyn. I said sorry for messing up his shoot and he
    said no prob. Very Nice person

  21. One of the best descriptions on how to swing faster. Thank you for the
    instruction. This is Gold is Jerry… Gold!

  22. Paul, I love your videos and they have helped me tremendously; however, you
    used to have a video on pitching (I think it was in your Peak Performance
    days). That has been removed unfortunately. Could you upload it again.
    Thanks, Joe

  23. I’d like to do what that sprinkler guy is doing in the background, to feel
    relaxed :)

  24. This is crazy! Started slowing my swing speed down and I may have lost a
    lil distance, but I’m hitting more straighter shots! Which means I’m
    hitting more fairways! I just need so more practice rotating my hips and i
    should be hitting the ball straighter and farther than ever before! Thanks
    Paul! Your videos are great!

  25. Paul Wilson Golf

    I fly it 280+

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