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Golf Fitness: How To Develop A Wide Take Away For More Power in Golf

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  1. Do You Want To Develop A Wide Take Away For More Power in Golf?
    Check out this video using the GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer.

  2. Mercros, Sorry for the delay in responding. You can use a weighted ball or
    a weighted club. It really helps to have some type of resistance to build
    the muscles and develop the muscle memory needed. Thanks for asking!

  3. Randall, I completely had a brain fade on responding to your wonderful
    comment. All of the videos coming from Revolution are great and very
    informative. Your comment about my hip is right on the money. Actually, I
    will be shooting a new video in just a few days demonstrating how I have
    been doing that incorrectly for a long time. Another golf pro who watched
    my swing mentioned that I was coming off the ball. I went back and watched
    my move, then went to the range and felt the difference.

  4. How can I do Revolution drill for wide takeaway without GolfGym?

  5. Great to hear you’re a Revolution Golf watcher/member, so am I, think it’s
    the best regular golf technique subscription I’ve seen-input from Jim
    McLean and his master instructors are ‘outstanding’…Martin Chuck & Roger
    Fredericks also 1st class. Attended Jim McLean’s 3 day school in Ft. Worth
    Tx last June-on backswing make sure your right hip goes back & “stacks” the
    right leg…right hip should not sway outward, would be a power loss-this
    is what they caught me on, just passing on the thought.

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