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Golf: How To Get Backspin

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  1. There are professional golf swing tips that go well with this video on
    http://ow.ly/KT9i6 for anyone who want pro tips.

  2. Every hater here needs to take the instruction that was given and not break
    down the video itself. Go try those methods and I bet you will give the
    ball backspin. You have nothing better to do than critique an instructional
    video? I thought it was clear concise and to the point. Again, great job. I
    will practice this.

  3. Perfect – the vdljskfafjdsalfjug way

  4. Good pointers. Also, if shoulder pain interferes with your golf, I found
    this useful…

  5. I will use these pointers on my next round I am always landing on the back
    of the green and could use some spin to either stop it dead or come back a
    few yards. Good video

  6. odlično napravljeno. prava iklobasa

  7. Fantastic video! Thank you

  8. pie

  9. This video is even gayer than mine. Just sayin’.

  10. check out my golf trick shots here ! /watch?v=TD2eDIXS5xg

  11. Lol you fag. Saw the ball was teed up. He left that part out of the

  12. Valley International Country Club

    Golf Tip of the Day!


  13. Golf Tip

  14. Perfect! The vidjyajug way. 

  15. Big deal. He missed.

  16. Thomas Hevertion

    Great share on this spin thanks

  17. Perfect. Devidjeajugg way

  18. nice shot at the end

  19. TherymasterWidnes

    This is utter garbage

  20. Just awesome. Thanks!

  21. 1:24 example for retards lol :D

  22. pretty easy showing it using a tee on the last shot! C’on dude. Wanna learn
    it the real way!

  23. If only I had that same “pause” button to stop the ball near the hole

  24. great job Craig Furgeson

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