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Golf Lessons – How To Chip in Golf

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  1. Isn’t this more of a pitch?

  2. Thomas Hevertion

    Great share on this thanks

  3. All good tips. Thanks, Bret!

  4. Penelope Burgamy

    Great video. thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks fixed my chipping instantly knowing what I was doing wrong. Was
    mostly blading the ball and shooting the ball across the green at high

  6. Golf Clinic Scandinavia

    Very good instruction.
    Also check out Golf Clinic short game with Ryder Cup player Per-Ulrik

  7. Sharuddin Shariff

    Great video,definitely solve my topped shot and reduce my strokes

  8. Subscribe to my channel for other golf tutorials !!!

  9. got a golf lesson yesterday, he told me basically the same exact thing.
    can’t wait to try it! 

  10. Cheers mate, fixed my chip instantly.

  11. Very nice tips!

  12. Excellent instructor. These chipping tips are spot on.

  13. hey man great video just started to play golf this week. I like how you go
    over the do’s and dont’s and explain how everything work. keep the videos

  14. Damn I thought this was going to be Bret The Hitman Hart……I bet he
    could chip the shit out it.

  15. Thanks for the tips… My chipping sucks lol!!

  16. If you watch the video again you will see Bret showing you a shot to the
    flag closest to him BUT it changes and all of a sudden the flag is a lot
    further away. This is because the short chip shots like this are incredibly
    difficult and even harder to get right first time in front of the camera.
    GO FOR LESSONS then go home and practice what you have been learning. Get
    three buckets, space them out in a line and chip in to the buckets. Forget
    about the green and the hole, get your technique.

  17. voiceofuniverse12

    thanks for that golfing lesson

  18. Great tips

  19. He has a simple chipping philosophy, and he executes it well himself.
    However, a great chipper named Phil Michelson says that you hinge your
    wrists as you turn back and unhinge as you come down and through.
    Everything else with weight and stance is pretty much the same. Phil’s way
    maybe better for lower handicappesr.

  20. Thank you for the very informative video. Clear and simple to understand.
    Good job. From: Simon Wee @ Singapore

  21. That’s a good lesson – thanks for the drill tip.

  22. Very effective lesson!

  23. Yeah he really broke it down for me..All the questions i had, he answered
    without me askin lol I really dont need to watch anymore Chip Shot
    videos.after this one.

  24. I’ve watched your video 6 times now to help me when I’m practicing. it’s so
    helpful! thank u!

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