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“Golf Tips” – Chip Like The Pros

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  1. nice cut!!

  2. I wanted to hate this guy at 1st, but give him time. This kids good!

  3. Gabe is god. Shut up the rest of you.

  4. Bit of a douche but he knows his golf…

  5. Hay Guys, what are all these negative comments below, this guy knows what
    he’s talking about, is a great character and is entertaining at the same
    time, WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE!

  6. The maaaaaan!!!

  7. So gay I can barely look at this with a straight face 

  8. the guy is kind of geeky but he makes it entertaining

  9. Your really good!

  10. Amazing video keep it up!

  11. what is that has to do with golf?

  12. Helpful thx

  13. Thks I got try outs Wednesday

  14. Hah. Gay

  15. your right many pros do use this method but not as standard chip shot
    necessarily Ian Poulter told me that using the bounce when chipping is the
    key …ben crane talks about it in a group session posted on youtube type
    in “ben crane bounce”

  16. But the vlogs?

  17. Boom boom BOOOM in the hole!

  18. now if only his balls could find a woman’s hole…

  19. A pitch-vid coming upp?

  20. Yourhavingagaff

    jealousy is such an ugly look.

  21. Whoever is holding the camera has to be thinking this guy is weird

  22. functionalpatterns

    The most swag I think i’ve seen in my life. you’re a freaking inspiration

  23. You are slackin on us. VLOGS

  24. ” Pga tour driven ” Are you still trying to make it on tour?

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