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Golf Tips, Driving Range

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  1. how much does those mats at the driving range cost?

  2. I’ve given up.. I just play my slice with my driver… Only maybe 2/10
    times do I actually hit what I’m aiming at! Thats the best strategy in
    eliminating the slice!! :)

  3. Golf is not a science, it’s an art.

  4. Very good video!

  5. It isn’t a sport, its a game.

  6. LOL at 0:30. someone emptying his bucket of balls in the ball tray thing or
    filling his bucket from the range ball machine

  7. @MikeB299 dont say that…there is a way to cure it,,,u just need to
    exagerate ur right wrist and really curl it through and u will start
    hooking the ball….i had the same problem

  8. Gmen pg, you are probably lifting your head too early. Happens to me as well

  9. Johan Johansson

    lol @ 4:49 I thought the drive had caused a thunderstorm (then realised it
    was the ball machine)

  10. some very good advice there.

  11. Yeah, but…..it’s a sport really.

  12. i always pull my balls right..i duno what the hell im doing..i can wack the
    hell out of the ball..but it always pulls right

  13. i tend to hit the ball high and right a bit i used to hit great what are
    your tips for me

  14. Okay Dustin Hoffman

  15. This guy needs to work on his Audio skills… cant hear shit but birds!

  16. totalcontrolonit

    whatta queer.

  17. Easily the best golf video I’ve seen. So helpful thank you

  18. The birds are loud!

  19. I find the driving range really unhelpful nowadays, especially with my
    irons. It actually hinders my game. The mats don’t represent the true lie
    of the fairway & you tend to lash at the ball. You hit more balls in
    succession than you ever do on the course & it makes you tired &
    complacent. I go away from the driving range with the muscle memory of how
    not to address & strike the golf ball & those negative swing thoughts
    usually carry through to my next round.

  20. TheeFreakiishlyz

    @nickyfingaz I’d like to point out, He’s an old man.. That left elbow will
    bend from every person i’ve played with at my local club…. They hit it
    straight, but not far…

  21. Jennifer Norrish

    hamilton county represent!

  22. carrollfacekilla

    cant get any more perfect than that.

  23. this guy has an ugly swing. Maybe it’s cause i just watched tiger’s.

  24. Cant hear shit

  25. Golf is not a sport, it’s a science.

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