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Golf Tips – Hitting Driver – Bell Bay Golf Academy – Golf Lessons

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  1. cool vid

  2. Branigan Satterfield

    Those pants…

  3. I played football basketball and track in high school golf is hands down
    the hardest sport ive ever picked up…

  4. insanebass fisher

    golf is harder than you think it is

  5. How original are the jokes on here, bunch of losers on YouTube, shameful

  6. Bell Bottom Golf Academy

  7. he sounds like saul goodman

  8. mc hammer back up dancer pants

  9. the kid has fat pants to lol

  10. @somdogg he said hold your finish, he never got pissed at him

  11. This fella needs to sort his fucking trousers out don’t he? I’d be worried
    about him swapping my ball with an exploding one!

  12. man i wish i could hit like that

  13. Those are pleats. AKA Gramp pants.

  14. Too much technical talk and not enough actual hitting the ball. Almost a 5
    min. video and 80% of it is baggy pants talking

  15. I couldn’t pay attention. I was too busy wondering why he’s wearing MC
    Hammer’s pants

  16. Hes the pro at my golf course now haha, still wears the same baggy as shit

  17. MC Hammer might have a couple pair in the back of his closet.

  18. Mohammed Khimji

    he said “tit” on 3:00

  19. Hit the ball.

  20. Jonah Jordening

    nice pants.

  21. i like how he gets pissed at the kid.. “hold your finish!” goddamn kids lol

  22. Excellent video

  23. I can’t handle those pants

  24. are those mc hammer pants.

  25. great video, really enjoyed watching

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