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Golf Tips – How To Change Your Golf Swing Plane

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  1. Thanks Paul for excellent tip!!

  2. The rotation of the hips seems only usefull if there remains some sort of
    connection with the torso/arms. I feel I sometimes loose that connection.
    What could that be?

  3. Lionel Pathirana

    I also believe that you are the best golf instructor on you tube. This is
    going to fix my swing problem too.

  4. I’m 66 have a 4 handicap and I’ve read 95% of what’s out there – and I like
    your concepts, I”m going to give them a try. I’ve never gotten better than
    a 4 because I have a slight cast from the top and I hope your “turn the
    hips” concept cures my problem. Thanks. Bill K

  5. Just had the best round of golf in ten years using this tip

  6. Thanks you helped me figure out why I was pushing the ball, sliding too
    much. All the best!

  7. Hi Paul, love your advice on slowing the swing down with loose arms –
    problem is when I speed up the body turn my lose arms get stuck behind and
    I push/slice to the right.

  8. great lesson. It helped dramatically for me. 

  9. Great video. In my opinion, you are the best golf instructor in YouTube.
    Just 1 quick question…. for the knees to touch when I swing through,
    wouldn’t that mean that my stance has to be relatively narrow? Thanks in
    advance for your answer :)

  10. Great video; when trying the tip at 3:40 for the better player, I get much
    better initial direction, but am having problems hitting the ball thin &
    staying down through the shot. Is this a common issue when pulling the
    front knee back? Suggestions? Keep the vids coming – you do a great job.

  11. Best video I have watched to fix my inside out problem, Thanks Paul!!

  12. Paul Wilson Golf


  13. Right. I see many golfers trying to use the hands and arms to try and
    “muscle” the ball. They just keep repeating the same swing and wonder why
    the are getting no distance and improving their game. Nice tip, Paul!

  14. James Bermingham

    Repetition is the mother of Skill. Cool video Paul.

  15. Excellent advice. Now I think I know why I randomly hit it to the right at
    times! Thanks for your awesome videos! I think I’ve now seen them all!

  16. I was hitting well and then I started sliding and hitting my irons out to
    the right….when trying to fix this I started going back to an old over
    the top swing ughhh

  17. Paul Wilson Golf

    For clubs you really need to see a clubfitter. There is a lot of personal
    preference and the feel of the club as well. Make sure you like it before
    you buy it. Maybe I’ll see you one day. Let me know if you’re in town.

  18. Paul Wilson Golf

    A slider can help his cause by turning the lead foot out 25-30 degrees this
    way it does not hurt the knee when turning. Weight distribution 50-50.
    Alignment is square.

  19. Great tip but you repeat yourself 100 times.

  20. the normal stance for a 5 iron is the width of your shoulders, in your
    swing is the stance a little more narrow? I am trying to make the
    transition to your swing and having misery in the process but have not
    given up yet. I am 5 handicap and 65 years young. Any help you can give me
    would be greatly apperaciated. Thanks …..Rik

  21. excellent….am going to try this.

  22. paul, thanks so much for these videos, your method doesnt cliick straight
    away as it takes a lot of time to train your brain not to use you arms,so
    to anyone out there i urge you to stick at this method, but boy, when it
    does its such an amazing feeling when the ball flies off the face of the
    club without effort ( the only effort is coling at the top of the swing)

  23. Hi, Great help. Am going to focus on these tips.

  24. Andrea Torlasco

    Hi Paul, I watched tons of youtube videos about golf lessons, but I find
    yours the easier ever. thank you very much, you’re a great teacher.
    greetings from Italy.

  25. Excellent tips I am 50 and just started to play golf. Your explanations are
    easy to understand and I am a lefty and slice sometimes, now I understand
    why and yes say stuff 200 times so people get it I wish I lived in Vegas so
    I could take your class any tips on purchasing clubs

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