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Golf Tips – How to Get Consistent Golf Swing Tempo

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  1. Bro I thought I was crazy but I was just practicing at the range and I
    stopped to think about what I was doing wrong “all harms”.
    So I slowed way down almost felt like I being dumb but consistent ball
    striking occurred.
    I’m really excited thank you for the video to back my thougts of what was

  2. Paul, I wish you could see the lights turn on in the eyes of my junior
    golfer girls when they started flying the ball on target following your
    instruction. Joy overtook frustration. Thanks so much.

  3. Does this also work for a 12 year old?

  4. Thanks for all the tips. Just beginning to play and enjoy the game. It’s
    great to see that someone is happy to help. You’re a legend Paul. Matt Cody

  5. Excellent video. Maybe it will help me. I have a good practice swing, can
    hit plastic balls well, and after about 10 real balls on the driving range,
    they too fly great, But as soon as I get to the first tee, make a
    backswing, I freeze trying to come down. The only way I can finally hit the
    ball is to take a step forward, like a baseball swing. Any ideas? Hypnosis?
    I’ve had this problem for about 4 weeks, seems like it started after I
    developed “golfer’s elbow”, which, after a doctor injected cortisone, is
    gone. My son-in-law has often said, why do you always try to kill the ball
    (he hits it a mile, hdcp 7). 

  6. This is the best ever demonstration. and perfectly shown. how to swing the
    club for power and control !! I may have missed some thing in lessons? but
    no one has put it better. power to your elbow Paul. yours Bruce

  7. Paul, I love your teaching style a lot, another words, you’re not just a
    golf instructor charging his/her fee, you are much, much more, somebody who
    has a ” teaching philosophy” which most golf instructors don’t have a clue
    about, unfortunately! By watching your lessens, I have improved my game
    tremendously for which I thank you!!!! Adam ps. would love to visit you in
    LV for a few instructions, how will I approach it? 

  8. Tour Impact Golf LLC

    Insightful. A practical approach to improving whip like Rhythm.

  9. excellent swing Paul. good tip. will work on this.

  10. Do you intentionally whip your wrists around to get the speed, or does
    keeping your wrists loose do that automatically? thanks

  11. Paul Wilson Golf

    Your wrists are loose. The forces acting on the mass will want to make the
    mass swing to its widest point. So you are not purposely whipping anything.
    It is whipping because it is loose.

  12. Paul Wilson Golf

    Slow down. At the range there is a ball. At home there is no ball. So get
    it slowly first then speed it up in stages.

  13. Hi Paul, Thanks for your very interesting videos ! When I try this, I get a
    pretty good feeling in front of the mirror at home. But on the practice
    range, it always ends up with pushes with short irons and big slices with
    the driver ! Like if the club & arms are lagging behind my body turn… Any
    hint ?! ;-) (I am 8-handicap)

  14. you been alot of help to me, this year i started playing golf again, i
    learn the game from Hogans book as a kid, which worked for me, but watching
    your videos you really helped alot i am playing better now than i ever have
    , just want to say thanks for your videos

  15. having loose wrists help my game a lot. Good tip

  16. Paul Wilson Golf

    Great stuff. I love hearing it.

  17. Paul Wilson Golf

    Thanks. I appreciate the feedback and support.

  18. Hey Paul I just want to thank you, I went from an arm-swinging 23hcp to a
    straight, long-hitting 17 in just a few months watching ONLY your videos. I
    think you are hands-down the best for the beginner. You really understand
    what we need when first starting. Thank you so much!

  19. Paul, thanks for the golf instruction. I don’t get to play as much as I
    would like, but you’re instructions definitely help! I use to be very
    “armsy,” but after following you on YouTube, I have been playing much

  20. I have found your tips very helpful. Are you recommending loose wrists on
    the backswing resulting in a big wrist hinge? I notice some tour players do
    not present a pronounced wrist hinge on the backswing.

  21. Paul Wilson Golf

    If you are swinging too much inside out and you release it a little too
    much you will hit the top right quadrant of the ball creating a duck hook.
    You need a neutral grip and more turn int he downswing instead of lateral.
    This will get the path going more down the line. The neutral grip will
    reduce the spin. It’s 2 parts which very few people are willing to fix.

  22. Paul Wilson Golf

    My technique will be great for anyone but especially you because it does
    not hurt at all. Glad you found me and I wish you continued success.

  23. Paul Wilson Golf

    This is telling you that your arms are buckling through impact. This is
    adding loft to the club. You need to let them stretch out fully just after
    impact plus you need to get the weight off your back foot through impact.
    Do these 2 things and the flight will lower.

  24. Awesome, thank you!!! This is solely the reason i kept slicing, really help
    with my body rotation.

  25. Paul Wilson Golf

    In the backswing you can only hinge your wrists the amount the bones in
    your wrists allow the club to hinge so I would no say this a big wrist
    hinge. It is your wrist hinge. Keep the wrists loose and hinge the club to
    the maximum you can in the backswing. I have had many students that I just
    cannot get them to hinge less than 90 degrees because the wrist bones don’t
    allow this to happen.

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