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Golf Tips Learn to Pitch it like Sergio Garcia

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  1. very good tip! whenever I get lazy and become too handsy, I don’t drive my
    knee to the right and end up hitting the ground before the ball.

  2. This looks like chipping to me. Chip / Bump and run. Change title to

  3. very funny to named the video pitch it like Sergio García and show tiger´s

  4. what golf balls do u use ? or what ones would u recommend

  5. @SindreGolf That’s great to hear, hope you get a chance to check out my
    EXCLUSIVE new top 3 tips videos i just recorded for Sirius XM at ( i Golf
    tv com)

  6. lol pitch it like tiger not sergio

  7. Tiger also chokes down on the club about a couple of inches for more

  8. Thanks Dave just tried it out on the course and it worked really well. :)

  9. @iGolftv Great Tip DM but what I like to think about when I’m hitting a
    pitch shot is to maintain my level so I don’t lower my head in the
    backswing can can cause me to raise my spineangle when I’m coming into the
    shot. I’m also thinking about letting the arms drop start with the arms
    then I synchronize that movement with my body turning through the shot.
    What do you think about that? Are you using the bounce on these shots or do
    you rather use the leading edge?

  10. do you do this form for all chipping yardages?.. 20..40..60..80? Thanks

  11. do you keep the weight on the left side if you put the ball in the middle
    and forward of stance???

  12. @DeanoG1414 Yeah good shout….do you think he deserved a wild card
    pick!!?? its going to be exciting whatever, expect rain tho……

  13. Great way of explainin it……….especially the legs driving part

  14. @RollYourRock On a pitch shot i want the focus to be on the right knee. As
    you reach the point on your backswing where you have created sufficient
    energy to hit the shot the correct distance, the first move should be with
    the right knee, that’s the trigger for the arms to drop onto the perfect
    plain. This keeps your strike efficient & allows for the maximum
    consistency. Really appreciate the feedback, keep the questions coming
    cause i’m really interested in your thoughts & opinions.

  15. Where would you like the focus be when powering the downswing? The knees?
    The hips? The chest? The shoulders? Or all of the above (entire pivot) ?
    BTW… I really like what you’re doing!

  16. josephcoolidge72

    Thinned the fuck out of it

  17. Another great tip, cheers Dave. My pitching has been off recently and this
    video has really cleared a few things up for me re the execution of the

  18. havnt been using my legs at all

  19. sergio cant putt but he can definitely chip, him and phil are the best. kade

  20. Just what I was looking for!!! Thanks Dave :)

  21. Fernando Torres

    When I need to open the club face and stance to get a higher shot…does
    the same technique to driving the right side hard still applies???

  22. @f0cusen Yeah i like the way you explain, I like to use the bounce as well
    a little, technique is the platform to build awesome confidence, great tip
    i use as well, hit some shots with your eyes closed, you may chunk a few at
    first but after that you lose the fear and you’ll be ripping the strike man.

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