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How to Choose the Right Disc Golf Driver Weight

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  1. Great vid! I have some ideas…

    It’ll be cool to see the differences between all available plastics from
    each company in terms of wear, stability, “dominess”/flatness, and how they
    affect flight over time.

    Also a video about how fade works and how overstable discs can be “beaten
    straight”. Another about release angle from hyzer spike to light hyzer,
    hyzer flip, to anhyzer. How they affect different discs and how some can be
    better for each throw.


  2. Awesome video! Very simple and informative.

  3. Fantastic video! Its almost like i asked for it and here it is : )

  4. Awesome detail and great explanation! Can you please do one on selecting a

  5. Brilliantly done! Thanks very much.

  6. thanks for the video. I would love to see more data on what the pros use as
    far as disc selection and weight. also, my girlfriend would love some data
    on female pros.

  7. great video! really was insightful

  8. heltklartoveratten

    Great videos!

    I’d be very interesting to know how a disc flight is overstable or
    understable. Why the disc is overstable when thrown in tailwind or up hill.
    Why the disc is understable when thrown in headwind or down hill ??
    Also why a disc gets more understable when thrown a lot. Why the wear makes
    it more understable.

  9. TheOmniscientCow


  10. Your videos completely changed my understanding of golf discs. Looking
    forward to future ones.

  11. Edward Galapeaux


  12. Fantastic explanation and visuals that pretty much anyone can understand.

  13. Great vid! How about a tutorial on disc and shot selection for different
    wind directions? Ron Convers’ article on Discraft’s website is great, but
    some video diagrams would be helpful

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