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How to make a Paper Airplane – Paper Airplanes – Best Paper Planes in the World | Vision

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  1. *How to make a Paper Airplane that Flies – Paper Airplanes*

    The Vision paper airplane taught in this video is my origami design.
    This inspired me to name it the *Vision* paper airplane:
    ►http://amzn.to/1wGJFSb◄ #questions

    *Used Paper Size:*
    Use any type of European DIN A4 – 80 g/m², 29 cm x 21 cm – that is ordinary
    office paper used for the printer.

    This paper airplane will reach the maximized ability to fly large distances
    if it is precisely folded and thrown correctly.
    Read the following instructions for folding and throwing this paper

    These easy instructions are shown step by step.
    I recommend to process all steps mentally before starting to fold.
    Pause the video after every step.
    The lines created by the folds have to be used for orientation during
    folding the next steps.
    All folds have to be symmetrical.
    Smooth the paper to prevent waves before you make the next fold.

    Keep in mind that you experience the best flights on dry and windless days.
    Paper is susceptible to moisture and powerless against wind.
    Just as there are different grips and swings in golf, all paper planes must
    also be held and thrown correctly.
    The best grip position is often the center of gravity (find it).
    Nevertheless, it is important to try different grip positions to get the
    best results possible.
    To achieve your expected flight, experiment with throwing the paper plane
    in different intensities and angles (best: 30° and 45°).

    *Safety note:*
    Throw this paper airplane only when there is nobody in range to avoid
    damaging collisions. ;)

    Every Saturday I upload a video that teaches how to make a paper airplane
    that flies far.
    *Subscribe for free:*

    #paperairplane #origami #paper #airplanes #tutorial #art

  2. mahir cecen you’re the best making fast and far airplane and those are easy
    but some are not too easy and you’re correct about everything 

  3. U make cool airplane

  4. that plane is kak it doesnt even fly far!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. It fly but it short fly however i left like.

  6. You are really cool first i got mad and i thought i hated you but i don’t i
    learned that today 4-15-15 you inspired me to make harder paper airplanes.
    Before this i would look at something that looked hard then said nope i am
    not doing that thank you so much!!


  8. Penta Gamer Türkiye

    Sa kardeş videon çok güzel 

  9. Ok stop being so negative!,i don’t care u people are saying if he’s going
    too fast or not just stop ur stupid moaning ,just look at other videos if I
    don’t like it!!!!!

  10. So hard to learn too fast and not understandable without you guiding us
    throught the steps….

  11. hi

  12. plz dude can u slow down i was raging a while ago because my progect is due
    in 5 days.tis is bigggggggg poooooooooo

  13. Adinarayana Makam

    how do u do that part at 1:33 I really got stuck

  14. I would subscribe if you did one thing TALK!!!

  15. Damm I made that paper airplane and I flyies far band fast dammed I cut my
    cheack because my sister
    flew it across my face and I got a paper cut

  16. I accidentally ripped my cousin’s paper while helping her make this
    My cousin Vi: u jerk how could u do this?
    Me: I’ am girl not a boy some aim a gerk.

  17. Pernilla Antfolk

    Slow down!! I cant see what you’re doing!

  18. It’s not that fast

  19. you guys just pause on every fold you idiots sore ass sucking dildo

  20. Hll be turke bu yakisir

  21. best

  22. Dallas Copenhaver

    Slow down man gosh

  23. To hard

  24. this is gayaaaaaaayayyayyaayayyaayyayayayyayayayayay

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