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How To Play Golf Tutorial One – The Grip

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  1. This video made me dumber.

  2. Thanks, helped a lot!

  3. thanks for the tips,really helpful

  4. Good one

  5. charliekinggolf

    thanks for this . it would greatly help!

  6. MrMrwalkthrough100

    Thanks! Really needed it!

  7. ty im sarting golf in two weeks wish me luck

  8. Okay I’ll start by saying I’m totally a beginner with playing golf and so
    my question will probably sound dumb, but does it matter if you’re a left
    handed person with gripping?

  9. Thanks, helped a lot!

  10. Great thank you

  11. Genesis Amazing

    nice hair buddy

  12. theHERESYofBaconLad

    Terrible lesson… Anyone who is new to the game and watching this is going
    to pick up some bad habbits straight away…

  13. great teaching.

  14. are you talking about the line on your thumb that makes the V over your

  15. DarksideShinigami

    Where did you get the intro song?

  16. thanks for the video, very helpful

  17. Great video, really helps, Thanks.

  18. Thx dude =)

  19. thanks for the tip help me alot.

  20. nice, thanks!

  21. only if you want to be a good golfer >:) muahahaha

  22. Love how you have the next video link right in the video, not enough people
    do that

  23. Mrethantheicebird

    Thanks dude just what’s your brand of golf clubs

  24. theHERESYofBaconLad

    If you want a correct lesson on how to grip a club, check this video out

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