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Jim McLean Golf School: Left-Hand Lessons

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  1. I would have to say, that this is the best Left handed video, that I found
    today. Other videos, even use a right hander. Seems like the only other
    way to learn, is by watching right hander videos using a mirror, to flip
    scenes horizontally. Another thing I realized, is that it’s not the
    leading arm, but the opposite arm/hand, that provides the power and control
    of the club. I was right handed, but switching to left handedness, in
    doing everything now. So this is why I found this video. 

  2. More videos please, we lefties are also human being, Respect please!

  3. More left handed tutorials please! Perhaps chipping or more in-depth
    tutorials on driving. Would love to play your course someday! 

  4. Same as below pls. /// THX McRoman’s

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