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  1. Hi Chad, I would 100% agree that many of those players you mentioned get
    the club working left post impact , however the video is aimed a little
    more at cronic slicers of the golf ball, and what Rose needs is may be
    vastly different to what your average slicer needs. I would still suggest
    that many golfers who slice do not maintain enough depth into the downswing
    and see the butt of the club move too quickly out in front of the toe line,
    thus causing the left swing direction. For a tour pro I would also like to
    see an in to in ‘look’ to their swing. 

  2. Thx Chris…I am presently changing my swing to have (at impact) my left
    arm slightly diagonally across my chest with my shoulders about 10* open. I
    keep the clubface square and hit out slightly to the right with grip
    following the left hip’s exit plane. I previously had my left arm pinned
    against the left side of my torso. This kept me too much on my right side
    and induced a flip action at impact. I’m now getting a better downward
    strike and weight shift into ball….am I on the right track ??

  3. Just my opinion…The best players in the world dont do this. None of them.
    They have the club moving left after impact (tiger, mahan, rose, dustin
    johnson, graeme, jb holmes just to name a few). That so called over the top
    looking motion they make isnt that at all. DJ and JB do it naturally lucky
    them. Their left forearm is closer to the ball on half way down. Not behind
    them as you demonstrate that only promotes a stuck position which you
    imply. The hands can come from the outside and still have a club path in to

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