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  1. Except for the distance away from the ball this is my swing and oddly
    enough I too am a 12 handicap. Looking forward to trying this drill.

  2. Hi Andy/piers can this swing thought be used be it a full wedge shot or a
    driver swing,is it the same movement.thanks Jamie

  3. thanks guys, i think u should do an augusta-type challenge, like the tiger
    hook around trees at 15 or anything u can think of

  4. Does this work with a driver?

  5. Thanks guys another great drill for me to work on,it’s been interesting and
    very helpful to see the swing analysis,I,m now hinging and swinging in the
    office as I write this haha.thanks again


  6. Derek McFarlane

    Can’t believe I missed this video. Will be trying this on the range
    tomorrow. Have been struggling with my irons so much.

  7. Just an extra thought would it be fair to say that rather than lifting
    directly vertically, perhaps lifting in a motion that sends the club more
    up towards your right shoulder, would that not be a better training drill
    to get the wrists closer to where they would be in a real swing, ie flat
    left wrist not cupped. Keen to hear your thoughts.

  8. What is this “US Masters” business? :) It’s just … The Masters.

  9. Great tips, thanks

  10. Michael Andersen

    But what about The Club head not pointing at The sky at The back swing?

  11. Well done lads…this is great stuff.Thanks.

  12. Love your videos guys, just curious when i do this drill i notice that my
    left wrist is quite cupped from the directly upward vertical hinge which i
    assume creates an open clubface, is’nt it true that a flat left wrist is
    actually the preferred wrist position to achieve? I even notice your left
    wrist in this demonstration was quite cupped. Your thoughts? Keep up the
    good work lads.

  13. Hi guys, great video i actually went out and tried this today and was very
    surprised at how good my contact was and how accurate it made me. I
    understand it is designed for drill to get correct feeling but im thinking
    i might try it in a social comp this weekend. Any thoughts on gaming this
    drill. Im a 7 hcap and struggle to get club in correct position at the
    top,,this drill seems to take all the problems away

  14. I see the Goose has heard about u guys & come 4a lesson.lol

  15. Does this drill also work for drivers?

  16. joys golf channel

    Very helpful for me as a beginner

  17. Stefan Gustavsson

    Is the 11th @ Augusta the hardest hole on the course?

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