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MGA – Basic Golf Rules and Etiquette

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Golf Rules Explained: Effective Through 2015

41kmEdNLBhL. SL160  MGA   Basic Golf Rules and Etiquette
  • Used Book in Good Condition
Every four years the R&A in St. Andrews and the United States Golf Association come together to amend and clarify the basic rules of golf. This golf bag-sized, easy-to-follow explanation of golf's regulations, illustrated with almost 100 color photos, is updated to include all the latest developments for 2012-2015. It elaborates on every point of etiquette and equipment--and answers a host of practical questions, from What is or is not permissible on the putting green? to What are the rules conc

buynow big MGA   Basic Golf Rules and Etiquette
List Price: $ 9.95 Price: $ 4.00

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