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  1. Nice vid Rick, what weight shaft did you use?

  2. Have you been able to hit the Cobras yet? Ricky Fowler was bombing his all
    last weekend. 

  3. RickShielsPGAGolf
  4. Hi Rich I would like to hear your comments on which you would go for and
    why please. Ping I25 or Nike covert 2.0 Tour.

  5. Which would you recommend out of this ping i25 v Nike covert tour 2.0, in
    distance, forgiveness and dispersion. I currently have last years nike
    covert tour, my club head speed is between 94 to 97mph. Cheers.

  6. Interested to see the Callaways, especially the Alpha. I am back and forth
    between it and the Cobra Standard BioCell with was surprising as well!

  7. I think you have just found the replacement for your i15 driver. I know you
    still have others to test but the i25 looks like a winner.

  8. Andrew Ainsworth

    Hi Rick, agree with you that this is a great driver. What was your club
    head speed on average during this test?

  9. Going in the bag then??

  10. youre getting awesome numbers from that thing rick

  11. Rick that monster 292 was hit with a launch angle of 16.1 do you think
    that’s the reason for the distance? Do you try to get that kind of launch
    angle regularly with your driver?

  12. What about the mizuno jpx ez, its getting a bit hype from some magazines,
    always thought they were miles behind the 4 big boys.

  13. Nice review and a great looking club. The longest individual drive I have
    seen from you on GC2 was with the Jetspeed at 299, but your mis-hit with
    the i25 was as long as the Jetspeed when you felt you smashed it. Would you
    say the i25 is more forgiving and consistent then either of the Taylormade

  14. Thanks for your review… Would love to you hear your thoughts re. Covert
    2.0 Tour vs. i25.

  15. Great review, thanks.

  16. Great review Rick! I Love Ping Drivers, could you do a compare with Ping
    Anser please

  17. Nice review Rick. I bought one of these this morning 9.5 with stock tour
    stiff shaft. I’ve had the i20, g25 and anser driver’s and liked them all.
    All the other models I’ve had in 9.5 and played the two adjustable ones at
    9 degrees. I played nine holes this afternoon with the i25 and I had to
    loft it up to 10 degrees… I think I should have gone up to a 10.5 head in
    i25, regretting not going on a LM now. This head seems to be lower spin
    than other recent ping drivers.

  18. Good review and keep em coming

  19. +RickShielsPGAGolf Good objective review as usual. Liking the new ‘genie’
    in the club effect, magic! ;) Good numbers spin rate on that 1st at 1569 &
    13.2 degs LA 286 carry impressive start keep the spin rate down like that
    and LA up a couple degrees and that’s going to be way out there for sure
    (typed that before I saw the numbers I said would be even better and you
    proved it with LA 16.1 SR 1512 carry 292 off 158mph ball speed, Wow
    impressive ;) Carry your bag on the Tour sir! ha! ;) Brilliant, no way that
    club is not going in your bag !!!! :) Proves TaylorMade high launch low
    spin is looking to be on the money after all. Your LA with this, the
    optimum looks higher than you think at the moment, shouldn’t be 13 but 16
    degs & 1500+ can’t argue with the carry of 292 and peak height well okay at
    36 yards too !!!!! Wasn’t going to but am going to test this myself now
    that’s well impressive numbers!!

  20. Do you play with normal ball or driving ball ?

  21. Hey Rick, are you planning on doing a direct comparison between the i25 and
    the Covert 2.0 tour? I’m between these two and love the Nike but would go
    Ping if it’s truly a better club. Thanks!

  22. wow!

  23. Do you now have SLDR Driver in your bag?

  24. Hi rick, I’ve got the i20 driver and I think it’s a brilliant club, do you
    think it’s worth the upgrade to i25. I play off 10 and I will try the i25
    before I decide, as we all look to hit a driver further and more accurate.

  25. Cornejius Barner

    Mr. Sheils, did this driver go into your bag???

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