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Ping Karsten Iron Review at Andrew Ainsworth Golf Academy


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Summary : Great

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  1. Andrew Ainsworth

    Hi Sean, thanks for your kind comments and for watching. I agree Ping are a
    excellent company. Great products without being gimmicky or releasing 6
    drivers in a year no names mentioned!! I feel the 2014 product range is
    their best yet. will post some i25 driver, fairway and hybrid as soon as I
    get them. Best regards Andrew 

  2. Andrew ,
    How would you compare this iron to the G20 iron.

  3. Another great review Andrew. PING is such a top notch company, every club
    in their line has a specific purpose it seems. 

  4. I just picked up these clubs and i can vouch for everything mentioned in
    this video. That instillment of confidence is so key

  5. Andrew Ainsworth

    The new very easy to hit Ping Karsten iron.

  6. Marcus Burbidge

    Hi Andrew, I really enjoyed your review, thought you demonstrated exactly
    what the irons are about and what they can do. I would be interested to
    know you thoughts on how these would fair with a faster swinger. My local
    pro has put me off them, basically saying I would grow out of them within
    the year, but like a lot of people these days I can’t find the time to play
    as much golf as I would like and as a result will take as much forgiveness
    as I can get, I have no desire to work the ball, so I think these are good

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