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PurePoint Golf Video Lessons – Golf Swing Secrets for Full Swing Shots

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  1. Ya i know what he means by this,my pro refers to it as “in to out” the
    wrong way he purposly showed there my pro would refer to it as “Out to in”
    that way you slice the ball off to the right,the main thing here is to keep
    your right elbow tucked onto your right side of your body,and believe me it

  2. No HD?

  3. good tips

  4. oh lord, there is sooo much to know in order to hit it…maybe I should
    just play Wii tigerwoods golf…

  5. Bobby Eldridge as a golf pro has some really good points.

  6. very good

  7. worst tip ever. Lets add even more rotation in the clubface, sweet great
    idea. not.

  8. healthnut4life48

    The key to lowering your handicap is the stretch, check out our golf
    specific TRAINERmat at SELFTRAINERMAT . com

  9. yeah, not bad, quite correct on that little tip…

  10. oh dude thats what that is? i have this habbit.. need to fix it

  11. Fore man, short for forewarning.

  12. pensiontransfer

    thank you very much – love your taste

  13. LearnTheRealSwing

    @ ellonysman “…there is sooo much to know in order to hit it…:
    Actually, you only need to know two skills related to using the clubhead
    that can be summarized in 10 words. Ignore your “spine angle” and every
    other body focused thought and do what kids do: focus on swinging the
    clubhead and striking the ball with the swinging clubhead. Watch my videos
    for the “secret” and especially my Golf Channel Instructor search video and
    parts 6 and 8 of Real Swing Golf explained…

  14. I wish he would of said what sport he was taling about…. sigh, now I will
    never know.

  15. Best tip ever. I quite often perform the bad habit.

  16. FORE!!! aaahahahahhaha….

  17. well…not everyone can afford golf, sorry about your luck.

  18. LOL someone yelled FORE. he was like WTF

  19. Great instruction, I learned so much and you helped me go from a 150 drive
    (I’m Only 12), to a 210 driver thanks!

  20. check out my swings…

  21. Good stuff. This guy is knowledgeable

  22. Worth trying. Bobby’s a great communicator.

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