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Stop Hitting Fat Shots

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  1. Average Killjoy

    Can you help me hit the fat stacks?

  2. Ball position 0:50 …I think you miss-spoke….”the lowest point of the
    swing arc and the ball should be just in front of that”…that means the
    clubhead would hit the ground first ..or (if no divot is taken) the
    clubhead would be moving up not down when it impacted ball.

  3. golfconfidencepro

    Thanks Ian for sharing your comments and I’m really pleased your gained
    value from my video.

  4. golfconfidencepro

    I would be aiming for 7 times out of 10. Even tour players hit inconsistent
    shots so realistically 70 percent is a good goal to aim at.

  5. golfconfidencepro

    The best of luck with it. I hope it helps you to hit better and more
    consistent golf shots. Thanks for taking the time to share you comments.

  6. Thanks you’ve helped my golf heaps;-) one of best teacher on YouTube

  7. I was going through a little slump but this helped me out of it

  8. now all I think about over the ball is.. club head to ball, ball to
    target. but im 50 now and progress is hampered by less fitness , thats life

  9. Finally, my answer, thank you very much sir , my 9 , p.w s.w, all perfect ,
    cos of the ball postion, Why I never thought of this is beyond me, but then
    , that is golf.

  10. golfconfidencepro

    Congratulations on reaching a fiteen handicap in only a year. You should
    check that your body alignment is parallel to the clubface aim and that the
    clubface is aimed accurately at your target. Many new golfers acutally aim
    their body at their target which can produce the straight right golf shot.
    If you’re believe you aim correctly then I would check out my swing plane
    video as the path of your downswing might be too much inside to out. Let me
    know how you go and thanks for your comments.

  11. 5:26 top right , bird

  12. Thanks a lot. i do hit fat shots and this has helped me very much ” find
    the bottom of my swing.” your videos have helped me have more fun with the

  13. golfconfidencepro

    The fat shot is something even the pros do at times and the best way to
    improve it is to practice hitting punch style shots from the bad lies. This
    will ensure that you hit the ball before the ground. The punch style
    technique is played by moving the ball back in your stance and extending
    both arms low and fully into the follow-through. You can move the long
    irons back as well to hit your shots more solidly. Thanks for your question
    again and the best of luck to you.

  14. golfconfidencepro

    That’s great, the best of luck with that and thanks for sharing your
    comments with me.

  15. golfconfidencepro

    Personally I’m aware of the inside quarter of the ball between 4 o’clock
    and 6 o’clock. This is the gateway I want my club-head to pass through
    because the golf club moves on an arc the ball is being impacted through a
    line between 4 o’clock and 10 o’clock so I find it helpful to be aware of
    this portion of the golf ball. When I swing my mental imagery is on the
    exact flight of the ball and where I wish it to land. I hope that helps and
    thanks for your kind words. The best of luck to you.

  16. im 15, and the only thing im having trouble with is persistents. what do
    you suggest? my irons are good but i cant get them perfect every time

  17. golfconfidencepro

    I’m glad to read that and I wish you continued success with your golf and
    appreciate your sharing your comments.

  18. Hi. Enjoyed the clip. Very helpful. I tend to hit 8-.pw fine but struggle
    with fat shots 7-3. Only fix I have is to move my hands towards target
    before starting backswing. But this closes the clubface. Please help!!!!
    Many thanks

  19. @jhaley12 Palm up (facing the sky) with the left hand (for as long as you
    can). This will close the face for you at the same time. If your left palm
    faces the ground, you have cupped the left wrist which will give you big,
    fat slices & shanxx. The experts call this “supination” although it’s
    piss-poorly taught!! Watch tour players in slo-motion & keep an eye on
    their left hand palm, betcha it never faces the ground!! Good luck

  20. golfconfidencepro

    You’re welcome, the best of luck with it!

  21. golfconfidencepro

    There’s no doubt that there are many ways to swing a golf club and just as
    many theories on how to swing it effectively. Some would say it’s a
    minefield out there, and others accept that we all look at the world (and
    golf swings) in a unique way. My influences are based upon the simple idea
    that you have three things to deal with in golf. 1) You have a golf swing
    2) You have collision or impact 3) You have a ball flight How you use the
    golf club really defines what you can do with a golf ball.

  22. just browsing through youtube on curing the fat shots, five different pga
    professionals and five different ways of curing the fat shot, and five
    different theories.

  23. AmericansForGuns0com

    Newbie here. Ive only really been trying to learn the right way about 10
    weeks. Ive been avoiding taking a divot because I dont like tearing up the
    fairway, but its dawning on me now that pretty much every messed up fairway
    shot Ive made probably would have been a 100 times better if Id seen this
    video 3 months ago. Im either topping the ball off trying to avoid a
    divot….or accidentally digging trenches BEHIND the ball then getting no
    distance or accuracy. THANKS FOR THE VIDEO AND INSIGHT !

  24. when i “pull the grip end through” as you’re describing it makes me shank
    the ball. any suggestions?

  25. golfconfidencepro

    Thank you for your feedback, I I’m really thankful that my suggestions are
    helpful to you and I wish you the very best of luck with your golf

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