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The Best Golf Irons of 2012


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  1. Nothing personal against Mark Crossfield but the ” new equipment hype ” is
    nothing but marketing from the big club makers ( actually they are not club
    makers they are ” club assemblers “).
    The average golfer and that is certainly what most of us are, couldn’t tell
    one club from another. As far as improving your score is concerned that is
    simply nonsense believe me you can go out and spend $ 1000.00 on a set of
    new irons and they won’t make the slightest bit of difference to your score.
    Like wise with golf balls ,,, it’s nothing more than high pressure sell
    tactics, sure it’s nice to have new clubs but why spend stupid amounts of
    money on something that will NOT improve your game.
    Perhaps Mark Crossfield may notice certain differences but you can bet your
    ass the average golfer won’t.

  2. Mark Crossfield

    The best golf irons of 2012 video. 

  3. What makes your videos stand out from others?
    The super awesome behind-ball-trajectory camera.
    I know it shouldn’t be that important given the criteria, but its so much
    more entertaining to watch =D +subcribe

  4. Mark Crossfield

    The best golf irons of 2012.

  5. James Robertson

    Nike victory are the best. 

  6. Please do the Bridgestone j40 cavity back irons. 

  7. The Chubby Nemo

    Titleist is comparable to Mizuno. I currently game some MP52s, but I regret
    selling my Titleist 735s. Titleist typically costs more and Mizuno gamers
    are loyal to their brand. If it was my money I’d probably play Mizunos. If
    it was someone else’s money I’d game some Titleists. Mizunos are typically
    softer as well

  8. what do you score. you a scratch?

  9. Nike VR Pro Combo is the one I’m using

  10. The best irons are the ones that each individule plays best for them, not
    some off the wall voting.

  11. What irons do you play with now?

  12. Good decision tried all these throughout year the price is the problem with
    mp59 but fantastic irons

  13. Bridgestone J40 DPC never gets love…

  14. including the tour players?

  15. UltimateGamer2018

    The pings are amazing

  16. Spencer Sullivan

    I understand where your coming from and i am also a taylormade fanatic, but
    there marketing it as a “forgiving distance iron” not just more distance.
    Plus take into consideration Dustin Johnson is a freak of nature swinger.
    The Rocketbladez should be given i’ll the hype they claim, because of there
    audience average to scratch and the weekend warriors as easy to hit and

  17. Correction…Miura makes the best irons

  18. The TM R11s may not win best iron of 2012 but they are certainly my
    favorite…I own the R9s so may be I just enjoy the familiar (but better)
    feel with enhanced performance.

  19. new clubs are so hideous and I would never buy a new set. thank god there
    are millions of old ones to choose from and the U$GA “for the $ood of $ame
    can’t ban them outright although they tried with the groove rule….maybe
    they can still , i don’t know – how bout they make a rule that you can’t
    play anything older than say, 8 months old – that’s $ood $or the $ame isn’t
    it ?

  20. 2013 MP54. they are amazing

  21. Obviously you haven’t hit the Rocketbladez. they aren’t much longer but
    they fly higher and carry farther. So they are better. Lastly, the 3i and
    the 4i he hit were not the same angle.

  22. It’s not an ugly sweater. It’s an ugly jumper.

  23. Got the MP59 last summer and love them, thanks Mark

  24. Wilson Staff Di-11′s are one of the best set of irons on the market.

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