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Tiger Woods 14 Golf Shoes

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  1. this is a great looking shoe! come-on man! 

  2. I’ve owned a variety of golf shoes, all top notch from Adidas to FJ to
    callaway and these are by far the best I’ve ever had!

  3. Mark, could you please comment on how breathable these are compared with
    the traditional natural leather shoes? I am just not sure I’d like to be
    walking for 4-5 hours in a piece of plastic – as stylish and flexible (and
    cheaper to manufacture while still more expensive to buy than any Footjoy)
    as it may be..

  4. that’s a big statement.

  5. M project are awesome.

  6. So, you officially switched from 64s to 825s now?

  7. Agree, advise please Mark. I don’t get nervous particularly but tend to
    lose the focus of my own game and get distracted by whatever is going on
    with my partners. In reality a golf swing takes 1.2 seconds, times average
    shots 85 = 1.7 minutes out of 4-5 hours that I really have to block
    everything else out. So I try to just chat about other stuff while walking
    to our balls and take the focus off golf until I get there. Everyone
    relaxes more and it’s easier to restore the focus over my shot.

  8. Change your name to AskFashionGuru

  9. I have adizero and dry r so light and comfy

  10. dont be a sissy

  11. I’ve tried them and the heels feel like they lift you up alot higher than
    other shoes, didn’t like it. The Nike Lunar Control 2013 fit snugger, are
    about as cushy and don’t lift up your heels nearly as much.

  12. Christopher Hendricks

    But nike got a better history, e.g jordan

  13. already did, look

  14. Love the slow motion shots. Good work!

  15. Love the shoes… Look good & are very comfortable.

  16. they do.

  17. Great review, I want these shoes now

  18. Ive had adidas 360 tour FJ’s,pums’ s and now these and they are streets
    ahead so comfortable and surprisingly roubust.

  19. I love them so comfortable.

  20. EBAY! i got the tw 13 last august for 130 when they where still 180

  21. Are they called 14′s because tiger is size 14?

  22. Not sure about the look! Footjoy for me

  23. jesus you better like it for 225 haha

  24. Talking about Baggy Trousers! – Madness!

  25. Mark, the BEST part of these shoes are the comfort for walkers. They
    provide the best full round support than any other shoe I’ve worn. I picked
    up two pair of the TW13′s for less than $130 US. They do fit like Nike
    Free, which is snug and not for everyone.a

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