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Titleist CB 714 NEW Golf Iron Review


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Summary : Great

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  1. Rick you said that you can “almost see a golf pro using the CB” in fact
    many PGA tour players use them along with the AP2′s.

  2. Hi Rick during your testing of irons do you see much evidence of horizontal
    gear effect? What do you see mainly on toe and heel hits? Thanks

  3. Great reviews. I appreciate your channel and watch it all the time.

  4. Hi Rick Have you thought about going up to an X Flex, as you are generally
    over 90mph Swing speed, and a pretty late release, with a higher than
    average tempo? I was fit on Flightscope on Friday, and my SS averaged at
    90.4mph, and I was fit into an X Flex Soft stepped. I understand its not
    all about SS, but I just wondered if you had tried the KBS Tour in an X

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